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Pixel Symmetry

Web 2.0 Design & Marketing Solutions

We create, develop and market passionate digital experiences for businesses who strive to achieve success. Because we love what we do, and will we make it our goal to care more about your brand than you do, for best possible results!

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About Pixel

Excellence is a result of time, hard work and passionate dedication to do better every day!

Pixel Symmetry is a modern digital design agency based out of Los Angeles with over 20 years experience in app/web  development, experience design and digital marketing. We specialize in platform design and architecture, ambassador technologies, Chatbot development and growth hacking.

Today, on-line success requires a fundamental understanding of "HOW PEOPLE THINK". It requires years of observing, focus grouping and developing perception of what's required to launch solutions that succeed in an ever evolving mobile generation.

Pixel Services

Think limitless with fresh creative perspective and 20 years of industry knowledge?

Web and mobile design

Web & App UX/UI  Design

See our most recent portfolio of work produced over the past few years. Covering complex cloud based platform solutions, all the way through to effective landing pages for marketing.

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Facebook Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are essentially automated pieces of messaging code that uses Ai to converse with people via Facebook messenger.... like having a thousand assistants working for you, at once. 

More about Pixel Chatbots

Startup Acceleration

Startup Consulting

Since 1998 we have been helping businesses grow internationally. All that time... watching and learning enabled us to share unique growth strategies and launch secrets with our clients.

Make your ideas happen!

Pixel Symmetry Clio Award

Industry Recognition

Thanks to thoughtful clients who circulated our work, we were fortunate to have received recognition by established award affiliations.

2002:  Webby - Kasper ASL

Award for innovative design and development for Kasper ASL New York. Women's fashion line.

2004: Clio -

CLIO nomination for web development and 2nd place for shopping on-line.

2008: Telly Award- "Major Decision" Video Content

Motion Graphic Design in TV Broadcast. Educational TV Series "Major Decision" produced by Caerus Point LLC.

2011: Crystal Reel - Intro Show Motion Graphics

Exceptional design and animation in TV broadcast.  Educational graphic animation created for Caerus Point LLC.

Pixel Executive Team

Andre J Cook

For the past two decades, Andre has been actively involved in visual design and web technologies as it pertains to digital design, web architecture, UI/UX, concept design, resulting in the creation of unique new media experiences for all platforms.

Steve Sklar

From the humble beginnings of the “dot-com” industry, Steve has provided and implemented innovative marketing and branding strategies that increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships worldwide.

Apart from his undying passion and knowledge about augmented /virtual reality and blockchain technology, Andrew also has a Masters in science with lasers and photonics. Andrew joined us in 2011 and can program anything you challenge him with.

Our Clients

Recognized clients we have worked with. Thank you for trusting us with your brand.

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324 S. Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, CA

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(O): +1 310-878-4488