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Boost your ROI by up to 80%

Pixel Symmetry Chatbots are designed to simulate hyper realistic conversations via your website or Facebook. Take a break and focus on other aspects of your business while your Chatbot helps with dedicated customer service, product promos or lead generation, even while you sleep. 

Get the conversation started!

A paradigm shift in digital marketing! Introducing a fresh new approach to how you will engage your future customers.


What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a piece of code (which can include Ai) that conducts automated conversations with customers or sales leads. Chatbots are used in Facebook messenger for practical conversations and follow-up such as customer service, product sales, quotes, event promotion, surveys, or general info gather.

Some Chatbots even use sophisticated natural language processing systems. Whereas simpler ones can scan for keywords from user entry and then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, or the most similar wording pattern, from an ever evolving database of Chatbot phrases.

Facebook messenger currently represents a 105 million active users per month.... that's more active users than Facebook itself!

How your Chatbot creates conversion


CTA for Facebook ads

Reach a much wider and more active engaged audience on Facebook, with up to 60-70% response rate in the first hour. Instead of sending traffic to landing page or website, have your customers start a realtime chat with your own custom chatbot that will close the deal for you.


Chat plugin for your site

Pixel Symmetry will help you download and install the Facebook messenger SDK on your website. Like we are doing in the bottom right corner. While there are several other chat clients to choose from, only Facebook offers the Ai libraries required for realistic chats.


By sending a Chat blast

A Chat blast is very much like an email blast which everyone is already familiar with. Facebook Chat blasts however have a much higher response rates of up to 80% , just in the the first 30-45 minutes. Your customers are all here on messenger, just waiting for news.


Chatbot Drip Campaigns

Do you have an ongoing promotion you want to run or perhaps an event coming up. Chatbot drip campaigns are an excellent way to keep your Facebook fans informed of promos you want to share. No need to send periodic emails anymore. Just drip it with a bot!

Chatbots are conversational in nature and feels completely natural... Like having a text message chat with a close friend.

Conversion rates compared:

Facebook messenger engagement rates are 30-80x higher than email or ad banners! Game over.


Messenger Blasts


Messenger Ads


Email Marketing


Ad banners

There are now more users on Facebook messenger, than on Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype and Google Hangouts combined!

Undeniable Chatbot Facts

Facts about Facebook chatbot evolution what recent surveys say:


Due to successful chatbot experiences over the past 2 years, 80% of all businesses will be using a Chatbot by 2020.


In less than 2 years Facebook will merge Whatsapp and Messenger to support over 2 billion people on chat with access to Chatbot API's


64% of Americans surveyed say that 24-hour service is the most appealing feature about chatbots.


Chatbots allow you to rapidly expand your business overnight without the overhead and training cost of phone, sales or tech support.


Chatbots enable you to immediately respond to your customers. They never have to wait again to get a quick question answered.


With a chatbot, you can remain available to your customers 24x7 and have complete control of the conversations taking place.


Chatbots can be programmed to hand over the conversation to a real person at any time. It doesn't have to all automated.


63% of consumers think a business should be on Messenger and 55% of customers prefer to talk to a business via a chatbot.


35% of people surveyed said they would use a Chatbot over email or phone to get a problem resolved in real-time.

Since 2014, Facebook messenger has grown by over 1.2 billion active users, in less than 5 years... with Whatsapp it's over 2 billion.

The Chatbot creation process

How Pixel works with you to get your Chatbot social in messenger:

1. Schedule a meeting

First things first. Lets get some contact info below and share a free Chatbot demo that may apply to your industry. We can offer ideas and share insights from previous bots developed, to help you better understand whats possible.

2. Chatbot proposal (2-4 Days)

As a followup from our initial meeting we will present you with a detailed proposal outlining ideas and scope of work of what we think your Chatbot should be capable of.

3. Chatbot Wire-frame (1 week)

We present a detailed flowchart of your Chatbot and will share an interactive wire-frame to simulate the conversation flow before moving on to step 4.

4. Chatbot Dev Testing (1-2 Weeks)

On approval of your wire-frame we will begin coding your Chatbot and beta test conversation flow to make sure all variables and questions are accounted for.

5. Live Chatbot activation

Your Chatbot passed all beta testing and quality assurance to take it's official giant leap into the human world of on-line sales and customer support... While we monitor it closely!

6. Support and Maintenance

Moving foward, Pixel Symmetry will be there to provide ongoing bot support and make edits when needed. We will make sure your Chatbot stays as educated as possible, and never skip a beat. Chatbot analytics can be provided.

Chatbots ensure brand trust and consistency to customers
- one voice, one message, one tone

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