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An incredibly simple (yet very powerful) new way to find your targeted audience on Twitter and drive them to any destination. On-line or Off-line.

ReachTWEET is aimed at small businesses and individuals who don't have big budgets, but still want big traffic for just $7 bucks and up.

It’s easy and effective. You don't even need a Twitter account. Just fill out the form below. And quickly you will see click through rates and results higher than you ever dreamed of.

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Targeted, Powerful, Affordable
There are 400 million
active users on Twitter
each day!

How would you like to reach the right group of people to do what you want: visit your website, support a great cause, consider or buy a product you're selling, crowd fund your idea?

ReachTWEET helps you do that on Twitter! Our early BETA release is offering marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost to market online.

Right now we are testing and making final changes to our code We have been using it in-house for a few months already and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM!.

To get started today and drive traffic to any imaginable destination for as little as 7 bucks:

    1.) check out our pricing info below,
    2.) submit our short objectives form,
    3.) we’ll deliver you a feasibility market report,
    4.) and if you like what you see,
    we’ll get your campaign going in no-time.

Once you approve your campaign, we will follow up with a secure payment link that uses "Stripe" as our payment gateway. It’s that easy.


Daily Reachable Size


Social Bios


Mobile users each day


Average CTR

Why is ReachTWEET so effective?
It's all in the secret algorithm sauce of our unique approach, code logic and API magic.

Targeted Marketing

We are able to accurately search user bios and cross reference entered website information which guarantees high interest and click through rates from anyone who gets Tweeted.

Referral Network

Our messages are carefully planned and communicated with in our referral network which includes strategic placement of hashtags that guarantees high engagement.

Awesome Influencers

Thanks to an amazing group of smart marketing people who knows how to use Twitter very effectively we are able communicate messages fast and efficiently.

About ReachTWEET and the team behind it.
We hope that 40 years of collective marketing experience will offer some peace of mind.


Days of grinding as digital marketing pros.


Happy beta clients served to date.


Tweets sent by Influencers over the past year.


Clicks delivered to date.

ReachTWEET was conceived by and built by Crosshair Digital Inc. The same team behind A pro B2B marketing agency base in Los Angeles.

Pricing Plans

Basic Influence For anyone who want to try it.

Pay Per Campaign
  • Campaign Length1 Day
  • # Influencers 1-2
  • Delivery 300 Tweets
  • Estimated CTR10%
  • + Bilty Reporting
  • + Landing Page

Pro Influence For pro's who know it works

For 7 day campaign
  • Campaign Length 1 Week
  • # Influencers 3-4
  • Delivery 450 Tweets / day
  • Estimated CTR13%
  • + Bilty Reporting
  • + Landing Page

Mega Influence For serious marketers

For 30 day campaign
  • Campaign Length 1 Month
  • # Influencers 4-6
  • Delivery 650 Tweets / day
  • Estimated CTR16%
  • + Bilty Reporting Yes
  • + Landing Page
* You will NOT be charged for submitting marketing requests. We will follow-up with secure payment link via email where you pay via PayPal or Credit Card when you are ready.

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