Solar Savings advantages

Own your home Solar

Own your Solar, don't lease!

By paying for your solar and owning it outright you can instantly increase the value of your home up to 5%. Depending on the value of your home this means you can immediately recoup your investment.

Tax incentives for solar

Take advantage of incentives

If you currently live in one of the states we service with a suitable solar rating, it’s definitely worth installing solar in your home while the 30% FED tax benefit is in place. (This does not apply to a leased system).

Get Paid for Solar

Get paid by utility companies

Since most of the U.S. is under a system known as Net Metering which allows your electricity costs be reduced to zero. Some utility companies are willing to pay you for electricity you can generate but can't use.

Solar Investment

Invest in your future

Our solar calculator below can show an estimated breakdown of how much you can save over a 10 year period. And even if you sell you home before then the 5% instant value increase on your house will cover all costs.

Calculate your savings

How we work with you

4 Simple Steps to saving you thousands of dollars while
going green at the same time and improving our amazing planet.

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We send out a specialist

Our solar specialist will meet you at your house to further explain your options and give you an accurate quote. Absolutely free.

Decide on your own time

You are under NO OBLIGATION to sign any paper work or purchase your solar. Take your time and decide what's right for you.

We begin installing your solar

When you are ready, give us a call to schedule the installation start date. If all goes well we can begin to install your new solar in just a few days.

Solar statistics worth sharing

A look at how solar is making a difference.


Terawatts per day

The amount of solar energy in sunbeams that strike the earth every day. More than 10,000 times the worlds total energy use.


Solar Installations

The number of solar installations that will be completed in 2017. In 2016 alone 300,000 home owners installed solar.


Megawatts per year

The amount of power generated by US installations, making the United States the 4th largest solar market.


Kilowatt hours consumed

The average amount of kilowatt hours required by homes in the USA. Meaning most homes need about 25-30 panels installed.


What Solar Savings clients are saying

Solar Savings staff was professional as you would expect, knowledgeable and disruption was minimal. They did an amazing job within the time frame promised. I already facebooked and shared with my friends. Thank you!

Since installing my solar array a year ago, it has produced more than it was designed for! (10.5 megawatts instead of 9) so getting paid by power company now.I couldn’t be more pleased by a job very well done guys. Thanks.

Awesome experience with Solar Savings. And thanks again for the info on the string inverter vs. micro inverter. My friends all said go for the cheaper one but after researching this more the micro inverter is a no brainer.

Solar Savings

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