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Business and Startup Consulting

Pixel consulting services was a natural result of us working with so many startups and entrepreneurs over the years. We love building brands, products and companies. It felt like a logical next step for us to get more involved and help businesses realize their ideas as effectively as possible!

Thanks to 20+ years of building brands and working with businesses and startups alike, Pixel Symmetry has accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge to date. Safe to say, we have seen more than a few startups fail and succeed. Expertise we bring to the table include, business model design, execeutive summary writing, pitch presentation authoring, idea prototyping, early website creation and brand building, logo design and most importantly feasibility study and competitive analaysis to make sure you idea is viable and fast moving every changing market.

Pixel Consulting Services

 Gain from our experience, impress your investors with pitch materials that result in meetings.


Feasibility and Research

Our feasibility studies wil test the viability of your idea or business. A final report will put emphasis on potential problems that could occur if your project is pursued, as well as determine which market factors to consider for an optimum approach.


Design and Authoring

With over 20 years in media, entertainment and corporate design, ProPITCHwill take full responsibility of the look and feel of your presentation with copy editing, graphics and charts required for clean, clear, visual communication.


Financial Projections

Our Excel formatted financials and forecasts of your future revenue as well as predicted expenses such as server costs, marketing, etc. are vital for investors to understand how your idea will go from a concept to a cash generating business.


Landing Page with Prototype

Having an idea on paper is great but nothing sells your vision like a fully developed protoype for web or mobile. We see time and again how investors are able to make decisions much faster and with ease when they can see how your site/product works.

Samples of Work

Confidentiality agreements limit us from making full presentations available for download.

Your Roadmap to Success

It's simple and easy to get the ball rolling. Your passion and rate of response will set the tone for how efficiently we can work with you to deliver on time.

...this is how we get you there!

1. Register and sign our NDA

 Many of our clients feel more relaxed about sharing information that could be viewed as confidential. An Optional, Mutual Non-Disclosure will be sent as a downloadable PDF during the registration process. Please sign it and return ahead of our call.

2. Free discovery call

During registration you will be able to schedule a 10 minute time slot for us to meet via phone and have quick intro discovery call about your idea. The call will enable us to determine if it makes sense to spend more time on a fully developed viability study if you dont already have one.

3. Feasibility study

On your approval and commitment to move forward with Phase 2, our team will start the process of putting together a detailed viability report as well as list any / all competitors we believe could affect the future and final outcome of your business. 

4. Determine what is required

Once we delivered your feasibility study, and assuming there is a large enough market opportunity to move forward, we will be able to review any existing documentation you may already have that could speed up the process for the final phase. You are under no contract and can move forward on your own time.

5. Deliver final materials

All final documents which include, PowerPoints,  financials, business models, exec summaries and one pages as well as demos, prototypes and/or website landing pages are delivered as seperate downloads throughout the development process.

Rollout & Pricing

Your final cost will be determined from the list of materials provided.

$ 0

Discovery Call

Before we engage in a working relationship we need to identify what exactly it is you're trying to achive and if the market opportunity is viable enough to move forward. 

The call lasts about 15-30 minutes, and gives us the opportunity to hear your pitch and concept goals.


Feasibility Study

After your discovery call, we can decide how to move forward and start to work on a feasibility study. The study will provide you with a report of the competitors and market size.

Takes aproximately 5-10 days depending on complexity of research required.


Angel Investor Kit

- Executive Summary
- One Page Overview
- Full Presentation
- Business Model Chart
- Any Flowcharts
- Mockup Designs
- Prototype / Landing Page
- Milestone Roadmap
- Detailed Financials

Take the next step!

Questions we get

Unlike many incubators, ProPITCH does not need to place staff in your business to make sure it is operated correctly. Think of us as a potential step that needs to take place before you meet with an incubator. In some case incubators will not even meet with startup's who don't already have the proper business documentation available to prove the concept and market. This is were we come in to paint the picture for Incubators and investors.

No, we do not provide any funding nor do we take equity in your business. You keep 100% of your Intellectual Property to yourself. In rare cases we can make introductions to small groups of private investors if we feel your idea falls within their area of interest.

No, we are not in any position to give legal advice about your business although we do have access to several reputable corporate lawyers that we trust. We we would be happy to introduce you at the right time. On your request we are able to make time and join in on conference calls to help ask certain questions on your behalf.

As expected confidentiality with new ideas is always a sensitive topic. Many of our clients we talk to, opt out of crowd funding due to the fact they are concerned about millions of people seeing their idea on-line and potentially stealing it with outside private funding. Therefore, to ensure an open business conversation environment we offer a mutual non-disclosure document available for download once you start the registration process.

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